Push live Rodeo Scores with just a tap

With RodeoResults, your fans can have access to live scores from your events, featuring your contestants, faster than ever before. Whether your fans can attend the event or not, the RodeoResults mobile app makes it easy for them to stay updated on their favorite athletes.

RodeoResults is free for your organization

If you’d like to begin distributing the results of your rodeos, look no further than RodeoResults. Our platform is free for our association. All you need to do is begin the sign up process and log into your Organization Dashboard to start adding rodeo events and contestants.

Setting up your first event is fast and easy

If you have an existing rodeo management software, RodeoResults will compliment and mirror your existing software—all you have to do is confirm that the rodeo format matches the software program. If you don’t have your own software yet, simply set up your event manually by inputting your event name, date, event types, rounds, and contestant names.

Your scores go live as they happen

During your event, your scorers simply input scores into the RodeoResults platform. With the touch of a button, your scores are recalculated and pushed out to users following your athletes. Plus, RodeoResults has great features to help manage your event, like adding walk-up contestants, marking contestants who do not compete, and editing or deleting scores.

Personalized support for your event

Don’t have software yet? All RodeoResults requires is a computer with an internet connection. We’ll work with you to make sure you’ve got the tools to distribute your scores fast.

Email  for more information or schedule a demo today!