Digital Infrastructure for Western Sports.

Producers of all sizes—from play days to pro rodeos—use Rodeo Results to take entries, score events, post results, issue prize money, fundraise, and grow their production.

Thousands of competitors of all skill levels—from rookies to pros—use Rodeo Results to register horses, enter events, view results, track their careers, and progress in Western sports.

Digital Infrastructure for Western Sports.

Producers of all sizes—from play days to pro rodeos—use Rodeo Results to take entries, score events, post results, issue prize money, fundraise, and grow their production.

“This changes everything...” - Jennifer Ross - 25 Year Rodeo Secretary

It All Starts With An Event.

All events you create are immediately posted to the Rodeo Results app. Create events in three steps:

“It's rare anything takes more than three steps to do in Rodeo Results. It's very user frendly”

Mitzi Angelle - Producer, Go Fast Races

1. Create a memorable name.

Name your event something competitors and enthusiasts will easily remember and search for.

2. Select a category.

Choose a category to post your event under for riders and enthusiasts to easily find while browsing.

3. Specify a date and time.

Set a start and end date along with time. Whether its a single evening or multiple days.


There Were Classes & Side Pots!

Once you've created an event, start building classes and side pots:

1. Choose a Prebuilt Class

Choose from a handful of prebuilt classes to base yours. Tailor them further in the class settings.

2. Assign Side Pots

Assign side pots to their relative classes. Like classes, tailor side pots further to your liking in settings.

3. Save Them as Templates

Build classes and side pots once, then save them as templates. Future events can be built in seconds.

what a rookie said

About Our Software

We originally bought different software and spent days figuring it out. Rodeo Results was the opposite. It took 10 minutes to setup for the whole year.

Kasey Moran

Competitor & Producer - Double Nickel Ranch

"But What About Entries!?" they said.

After building classes and side pots, it's time to open entries! Toggle entries on and off when needed or keep them on throughout the entirety of your event.

Entries submitted through the app import directly into the draw manager. Take app entries and manage your draw simultaneously. 

Collect payment from competitors upfront or let them enter to pay onsite. If you don't use the entry system, you can input your entries manually.

  • Entries Off

  • Entries On

  • Entry Form

Entries Off

"Love this app as a producer, contestant, and spectator. Our church uses it several times a month for races, my daughters all use it as contestants, and we use it as parents to follow our kids and their friends! It's convenient and easy to use! I'd recommend everyone use it."

Pastor Weg

App Store Review

Autumn Lucas

Competitor & Producer  - Better Barrel Races

Rodeo Results is so simple you'll feel like somethings wrong. As if something is missing but there isn't...

in the end there was

The Draw Manager 

Click to play

What's amazing to me is how flexible yet concrete it is. You can do anything, make any change, at any time, but it's still structured, and it's not something you understand until you use it.

Competitor & Producer - The Bettys

Jessica Williams

and don't forget

The Results!


Results generate in their own report. Double, triple, and over check.


After double, triple, or over checking, post results to the mobile app. Riders will be notified.


You know the drill. See an example printout here.


Report results to any sanctioning body directly from Rodeo Results.

Sharla Penick

Results Secretary  - Better Barrel Races

This helps me tremendously! - Once I get reports they're easy to put into excel and that's important to me.

Whitney & Delaney

Results Team  - WCRA

Getting those after the race does help us to get them into our system faster.

Last but not least

Check Printing & Mailing

Printing Checks

Rodeo Results makes check printing easier then ever. All you need is the following to print checks on Rodeo Results:

- Standard Check Paper

- Standard ink

- A printer on default settings

Mailing Checks

At a click of a button, mail checks to riders directly from Rodeo Results.

No more writing checks, buying postage, envelopes, check paper, ink, visiting the post office, or chasing down riders for mailing addresses. We do it all for you.

How It Works For Producers

Select the riders you wish to print or mail checks for, then click either the blue print or mail button. Done.

How It Works For Riders

Riders save their mailing address to their account and Rodeo Results verifies it. If an address is invalid, Rodeo Results disables mailing for those riders.

Highly recommend for all contestants, and producers! Easy to navigate tech support is amazing !!! Ran super smooth, fast easy setup on the fly!!!

Contestant & Producer - Houston Ranch

Danielle Houston

One more thing

Mobile Ads


Fundraise for your production! Post up to four links on the event and activity level where live results are.

The revenue you generate is 100% yours. We don't touch it.

How it Works

1. Name the ad.

2. Add a link.

3. Add an image.


Event Level

Activity Level

Get Creative

Go beyond ads and post other important links such as;

- Livestream

- Entry Form

- Season Schedule

- Membership Form

- W9 Form

- Waiver Form

- etc.

Sponsor Scouting

Don’t know how to approach sponsors? Don’t have time like you need?

Utilize our team of tenured sales professionals to fundraise on your behalf. 

With our established relationships in the industry, we can easily help you make profit.

We made up the cost of the annual subscription within two weeks of purchasing. - We're renewing.


Southeast Texas Barrel Racing Association

and Theres way more

Features & Abilities

Where those came from

Point Tracking

Point tracking is integrated with our scoring software. Create point seasons and groups, then assign riders or horse-and-rider combos. Riders need a rodeo results account to participate, and horses must be registered in Rodeo Results

Roll Overs

Add or remove riders from a side pot with a click.

Equal & Progressive Payout

Supports equal, progressive, and guaranteed payouts.

Multi Organizations

Manage multiple organizations on one account.

Error Detection

Rodeo Results has built in error detection so your payouts are correct, every time.


Training  videos come prebuilt into the software. Easily get a volunteer up to speed in your organization.

Career Stats & Metrics

Our event software and equine registry is connected directly to our stats database. Because of this, we can measure more essential data that other databases or registries can’t and more efficiently.

Carry Overs

Add or remove riders from a class with a click.

Round & Division Formats

Rodeo Results supports both round and divisional formats. 

Custom Payout

Custom payout disables calculations & allows you to manually input your payout into the results report.

Unlimited Devices

Login to the software with as many devices necessary.

Event Archive

View past events at anytime

Live Results

The Rodeo Results App updates as fast as you can type.

Financial Reports

Once an event is completed, download a financial report of the event. See revenue generated from each class or side pot.

Custom Pay Breaks

Decide how many places you paid, at what thresholds, and percentages.

Sharable Event Link

Copy a unique event link to share on social media, text messages, emails, etc. to direct people to your event on the mobile app.

Web Based Results

Generate a public web based version of results for people who don't use the app or aren't physically present at an event.

Draw Randomizer

Our randomizer monitors spacing between runs and the order in which horses are entered by riders.

Default Fees

Create default fees that apply to all entry forms for your production. These can be admin, award, arena fees, etc.


Contestants get notified of posted draws, their time/score, and of posted results.

Drag & Drop Ordering

Change the order of in which activities are displayed on the mobile app by drag and drop.

Printable Day Sheets

For Rodeos, print a complete day sheet of all activities.


You're in 100% control of you money at all times. We don't touch it. Issue refunds, create charges or invoice sponsors.

Team Members

Add other admins of your production for increased productivity.

This thing is unbelievably user friendly! I love it as a producer and competitor. I talked to the team behind it and they're on different levels, it's awesome.

Competitor & Producer - Running Wild Races

Copper Perry

First event



Try your first event free. Includes all features and updates.

per Event

Per Event


For those who have less then 8 events a year. Includes all features and updates


Per Year



Unlimited events per year. Includes all features and updates

What riders are saying in

The App Store

barrel races!

This app has made it so easy to track your own times, your own races, and even made it super easy to enter jackpots and rodeos!!



We love rodeo app! Super easy to use. The only thing we would change is having family accounts, so kids could be with parents under one account and everyone could be entered through one account


Great app!

I love having the draw and real time results at my fingertips. It’s very easy to look up events as well.


Love this app!!

I love it! It’s really nice to have a place to see different open races and be able to enter them so easily!



Easy to use and love the live results.



The RodeoResults app makes keeping up with the draw so much easier. I've never had an issue with the app and love how easy it is to work


Favorite app to enter/use

Very easy to use and understand as well as immediate updates.


Amazing App

Amazing app for horse/Rodeo competitors. I really like it. It keeps track live runs which helps me know when I need to get ready for my run. Some use the option to pre-enter for events which I really like as well! This App has been a game changer!! Highly Recommend!!

Riding Ministry Ranch


I absolutely love rodeo results. It is way more user-friendly than the other rodeo apps, such as next GEN rodeo app. We all love rodeo results and wish everything was on there.

Jadi L J

Love this app!

My only suggestion is that my profile show my old times - otherwise I love how simple it is to use and wish more producers used it!


Great App!!

I think it works great!! Easy to navigate and find/enter events. I think it’s super easy and user friendly.


5 Star Recommended

5 star recommended!! Very easy to use and organized. Definitely the top forum in my books. I wish more producers used this app!

Tristen Benignus

Love this App!

Such a benefit to keep up with what number they are on as well as being able to see where you sit in the Live Results. You can enter the races also. It is also great for finding upcoming races!

Race Producer

Best Live Results

I really like that I can see the draw and it has the easy search for my name. I also like the live leaderboard. I think it would be cool to have a estimated payout biased on current runners entered/money added.


Super easy to use!

I can track my placings it’s super nice to see how it works


Great app!

Great app! I talked to them about adding a feature for slacks, and they said they thought they had a solution.


By Far The Best Rodeo App I've Used

Every time I have used this app to sign up, look at draw, or to see who is running at that moment it has been quick and easy! I love that the app is constantly updating the draw and whose running. It's great for if you are running behind, stuck in traffic, or just sitting at your trailer and are worried about who is running at that moment. They also send notifications about the time you ran so you don't have to look at videos and second guess what time you just ran. Absolutely love it!



Very simple and easy to use for both contestants and producers! Most user friendly entry app.

 north TX barrel


Highly recommend for all contestants, and producers! Easy to navigate tech support is amazing !!! Ran super smooth, fast easy setup on the fly!!!

Houston Ranch

Simple to use

So simple to use! Highly recommend!


LOVE this app

So easy to find results and get updates. I love that I can follow others and get updates on people as well. I wish all producers would use it.


Most Amazing 🤩

This App and program is the most amazing! I love the program as a producer and a competitor! Also to top it off the team behind it is so helpful and kind!

copper perry

Love It!

Love this app as a producer, contestant, and spectator. Our church uses it several times a month for races, my daughters all use it as contestants, and we use it as parents to follow our kids and their friends! It’s convenient and easy to use! I’d recommend everyone use Rodeo Results! Pastor Duane Wegley Jr.

Pastor Weg

Best rodeo app on the market

he best app for both producers and racers! It is so easy to use and always stays up to date!


Results & Updates On the Go!