Our Story

To this day, the rodeo is a huge and unique part of Western-American culture.  As residents of Austin Texas, the founder of Rodeo Results™ (Michael Willoughby) value what rodeos bring to the communities they serve.

In the summer of 2015, Michael visited his first rodeo to watch his daughter participate in her first barrel event. While waiting for his daughter to make her first run, he noticed family members in the stands writing down each score into sheets and notebooks. At that point, Michael thought, surely there’s an app to download and receive scores via mobile phone. You can track athletes of all kinds, rodeo should be no different.

Well, after much research, it was very apparent the Western / Rodeo sector has fallen behind the times of technology unlike no other sport. In fact, research showed the entire industry was depressed with little to no growth over the past 10 years. Being an entrepreneur, Michael made the decision build an app and tracking software to bring technology to Rodeo and all event in the Western-American culture.

Just like golf, football, baseball, and many other sports, those events wouldn’t exist without one common denominator……….THE ATHLETE. Rodeo and western athletes should have a platform to be followed just like Hudl for football and Game Changer for baseball. Loved ones from one side of the country should be able to instantly know when a score is recorded.

There should be no waiting for late night phone calls to know what place an athlete placed. Riders from all over should know when a great time was achieved from anyone they choose to follow. Basically, Michael Willoughby has set out to make sure western events and athletes are tracked and recognized just like any other professional sport.

It is our goal to provide cloud based software to score any western event, track athletes, and provide a revenue stream to associations. Please join us to help pull the rodeo sector into today’s technology.

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