The Rodeo Results Registry & Repositories

The Rodeo Results Registry & Repositories are revolutionary for the Western Equestrian industry! It redefines what it means to register a horse and adds a twist by registering riders. A registry that’s more inclusive, efficient, and inspired by one goal: For all riders and horses to be seen.

Our registry allows all to be seen regardless of location, age, or competition level. Any rider can register by creating a Rodeo Results account via our Mobile App and can register their horses free of cost for career stat & metrics tracking. No prerequisites are necessary except a unique email and horse name.

To understand the significance and impact of our registry, let’s first differentiate between a Registry and a Repository.

Registry VS. Repository (what’s the difference?)

A registry is a collection of repositories. Like a bank (a registry) and all the checking accounts (repositories) used by its members. Where a registry organizes repositories, a repository contains an asset like a checking account containing money.

Why This Is Important

This separates Rodeo Results from all registries & databases and is the first of its kind in our industry. Where other registries and databases are mass listings of records (like a yellow-page phone book<img draggable=” /><img draggable=” />), Rodeo Results goes a step further by creating a unique repository for each rider and horse that stores data individually for each.

This makes data more tangible, identifiable, and valuable. For example, if you sell a horse registered on Rodeo Results, you’re selling the literal horse and the repository of the horse’s data. In other words, your personal and horse’s repositories are digital assets with tangible value.

Because these repositories are connected to our software utilized by producers, Rodeo Results can track metrics no one else can and autonomously. When producers publish results, stats update immediately, platform-wide. Read more about our database here.

This opens a new dimension for Western sports. It changes how one navigates the landscape and is free of politics or bias.

Where other registries and databases are exclusive and limiting, the Rodeo Results Registry and database are open. Other registries and databases dictate a stamp of approval. Rodeo Results offers everyone an opportunity for free.


Before we detail how our registry works, you must understand the four core components of Rodeo Results and the relationship between us, riders, and producers. Do this here.

Note: A verification process for horse ownership, stats, and sire/dam will come in a future update.