Draw Manager Update (OMNI)

Rodeo Results takes simplicity very seriously. Thanks to our producers’ feedback, we’ve taken our draw manager to the next level. The following are updates that have been made to our draw manager.

Carry Overs

Now you can easily carry times/scores from one class to another. Like rollovers, check off what class you want a time/score to carry to, and you’re done. In the live results, you’ll see “CO” as the draw number for riders carried over into a class.

This feature opens the door to managing race sessions. If you’re a producer with multiple sessions, easily carry riders to the main class, where the final results will be calculated for all of your sessions together.

Rider Changes

Now you can easily change a rider without deleting an entire entry. Press the red “x” button next to the rider to change the rider.

Duplicate Horses

When you go to add a horse to the Rodeo Results Registry, you’ll no longer be able to create 2 of the same horse names. In other words, if a horse named “Bill” exists in the registry, you won’t be able to create another horse named Bill.

The Rodeo Results Registry requires all horses in the registry to have a unique horse name. Learn more here.