• Live Results To Mobile App
    The Rodeo Results App updates as fast as you can type. Be speedy!   
  • Payment Processing
    Collect Payments through our mobile app!
  • Push Notifications
    Contestants get notified of posted draws, their score/time, and when results post.
  • Incentives
    Add unlimited incentives and manage them within the draw builder. (see rollover)
  • Round & Divisional Formats
    Rodeo Results is capable of supporting both round and divisional formats. 
  • Customizable Pay breaks & Percentages 
    Decide how many places you paid, the percentages and total entry thresholds.
  • Printable Draw & Results 
    Build the draw, print when ready, then print results once they're calculated.
  • Sellable Mobile App Advertisements
    Rodeo Results gives you the ability to make money! Sell advertisement on the mobile app for your event!
  • Sharable Event Links
    Copy your unique event link to share on social media, text messages, emails, etc. to direct people to your event on the mobile app.
  • Entry System On Mobile App
    We're the first platform to offer an entry system natively on our mobile application.
  • Post Results To Mobile App
    Once you've checked the results & payout, publish it to the app for athletes to see!
  • Rollovers
    Add or remove riders from a class/incentive with one click within the Draw Builder.
  • Equal, Prog. & Guaranteed Payouts
    Supports equal, prog. & guaranteed payouts. 
  • Automated BBR Reporting
    When you calculate results, a BBR report is included for reporting.
  • Class/Incentive & Pay break Templates 
    Fill in the settings for a class/incentive & pay breaks, and save them for later as a template.
  • Dynamic Draw Builder & Manager 
    Our Draw Builder & Manager is mistake proof. Make a mistake, easily type in the correction along with other dynamic abilities.
  • Tutorial Videos To Help Get Started
    Go to the tutorials tab on your account dashboard for help videos on how to get stated.