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Rodeo Results is the first cloud based (online) platform that combines Event Software, Live Results, and Career Stats all in one. Whether scoring/timing your event, or watching the live standings, Rodeo Results is the all in one platform for western sports and athletes, including your 4 legged equine partners. Get started as a PRODUCER or download our mobile app as an ATHLETE/SPECTATOR

Rodeo Results is cloud based (online). No downloads or installs. Signup for an account.

We're the first event software to provide an Athlete Database for stat tracking.

We're also the first to offer live results on a mobile app. Read more below. 

Live Results, In Real Time

As a producer scores/times their event, updates are reported automatically and directly to our mobile app as fast as the producer can type. Athletes and spectators can watch the standings update in real time on the mobile app. See our mobile app features below👇

Athlete Profiles

Rodeo Results showcases each athlete with their unique profile. See their event participation history, past placings, and basic information about the athlete.

Push Notifications

Follow your fellow or favorite athletes and receive push notifications of their runs/rides along with other notification like when draws or results are posted.

Event Categories

Easily browse event types (barrel racing, bull riding, ropings) by category and specific category events by date.

Divisons & Rounds

Live results are showcased down to the division/round level of which you place. Swipe down refresh to update all division/round standings. See Below👇

Fun Fact: The Equine Databases

Each athlete that creates an account on the Rodeo Results App is added to the athlete database. This is how we track stats. Producers are given access to this database when building their draws. They also have access to our equine database that tracks horses stats separately. Producers can add horses that don't yet exist into the database as their building their draws, so make sure you give them the full registered name and they spell it right! 😉

Software That Transcends The Industry 

This is the bread and butter of Rodeo Results. When compared to other software in the industry, Rodeo Results blows them out of the water. No matter the type of producer, we've built a simplistic and intuitive platform for producers by industry leaders from both the western and tech. worlds. See the list of features & abilities, pricing, and a full demo below. 👇

Features & Abilities

- Live Results On Mobile App -

- Post Results To Mobile App -

- Incentives -

- Roll Overs -

- Round & Divisional Formats -
- Equal, Prog. & Guaranteed Payouts - 

- Customizable Pay Breaks & Percentages -


- Class/Incentive & Pay Break Templates -

 - Printable Draw & Results -

- Dynamic Draw Builder & Manager -

- Sellable Mobile App Advertisements -

- Sharable Event Links -

- Tutorial Videos To Help Get Started -



We're proud to say that Rodeo Results is a Free software with upgrade options if you need something more powerful. We make money from the softwares advertisement ability for producers, so there will Always be a free version.

Start with the Rodeo Results Free Plan and if necessary, upgrade later. See a full demo below 🙂


Demo Video

This is a dated demo - slight updates and tweaks have been made since creating this demo. For an updated walk through, create an account and see the Tutorials Tab. 

Feature & Ability Breakdown

All outlined in the demo above

  • Live Results To Mobile App
    The Rodeo Results App updates as fast as you can type times/scores. Be speedy!   
  • Incentives
    Add unlimited incentives and manage them within the draw builder. (see rollover)
  • Round & Divisional Formats
    Rodeo Results is capable of supporting both round and divisional formats. 
  • Customizable Pay breaks & Percentages 
    With our pay break data table, you can decide how many places are paid, the percentages and total entry thresholds.
  • Printable Draw & Results 
    Build the draw, print when ready, then print results once they're calculated.
  • Sellable Mobile App Advertisements
    Rodeo Results gives you the ability to make money! Sell advertisement on the mobile app for your event! (additions fees apply)
  • Sharable Event Links
    Copy your unique event link to share on social media, text messages, emails, etc. to direct people to your event on the mobile app.
  • Post Results To Mobile App
    Once you've checked the results & payout, publish it to the app for athletes to see!
  • Rollovers
    Add or remove riders from a class/incentive with one click within the Draw Builder.
  • Equal, Prog. & Guaranteed Payouts
    Rodeo Results supports equal, prog. & guaranteed payouts. Set the Fees, Percentage Payback, Added Money and we'll do the rest .
  • Class/Incentive & Pay break Templates 
    Fill in the settings for a class/incentive & pay breaks, and save them for later as a template.
  • Dynamic Draw Builder & Manager 
    Our Draw Builder & Manager is mistake proof. Make a mistake, easily type in the correction along with other dynamic abilities.
  • Tutorial Videos To Help Get Started
    Go to the tutorials tab on your account dashboard for help videos on how to get stated.

The 3 Pillars Of Rodeo Results 

The Cloud

Rodeo Results is an online based platform in The Cloud. Get started by creating an account with an internet connection. 

There's no downloading, installing or updating required. Just log into you account. We store & maintain everything for you.

We say live results, but it's really live everything. When you add an athlete to the draw, it updates on the mobile app in real time.

The Database

We're the first western software to provide our own in house database directly to producers who use the Rodeo Results Platform. Specifically, 2 databases. One for athletes and one for "livestock" (horses & bulls).

Each athlete and live stock that's added to the database get an Rodeo Results ID (RR-ID) This ID is track throughout the entire platform. If John Bacon has an account and enters your event, Rodeo Results will track it in the background automatically, along with the event results and many other data points.

The Mobile App

Never has there been an event software integrated with a mobile app. We're the first to do it and it took us 5 years.

The mobile app connects the industry in ways like never before and will only grow. If you like what you see on the app, remember that it's very young and there's more where it came from.

This Is What Makes Us

These 3 key factors are what make the Rodeo Results Platform Unique and Powerful. Technology has been made out to be technical in the western industry. We make it simple. 

Create an account and GET STARTED!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can Rodeo Results handle changes easily like excel/google sheets?

Yes! We specifically designed Rodeo Results with the intent to replace excel and google sheets for producers. All changes can be made as you would in a google/excel sheets, click and type, and it updates on the mobile app automatically.

Can you manage multiple incentives in a draw?

Yes! We built the draw manager with classes, incentives and side pots in mind. You can manage unlimited incentives/side pots from a single Master draw. We recommend seeing the tutorials tab on the account dashboard to see how it works.

Is the draw live on the app while building it before an event?

The draw manager has a publish and un-publish feature that allows you to build your draw privately. When you're ready, publish your draw live to that app. If you make a mistake, you can un-publish at any time to make fixes.

Are open draw number shown on the app?

No! We understand the importance of producers being in control of their event. Only producers can see open draw numbers in their draw manager.

Not a techy? No problem! Join our recurring Zoom Video Calls to learn about the platform! 

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