How to Enable Payment Processing on Rodeo Results

You must create or connect a Stripe account to enable payment processing on Rodeo Results.

This article will show you how to create or connect a Stripe account to Rodeo Results. Creating or connecting a Stripe account will allow you to collect payments for your events through the Rodeo Results mobile app.

What/Who is Stripe?

Stripe is a payment processing platform that enables businesses to process payments online and, in our case, on the Rodeo Results mobile app. In our opinion, Stripe is the best payment processing platform in the world.

We believe in this so strongly that we have an exclusive partnership with Stripe. Only Stripe is available to process payments on Rodeo Reuslts.

Enabling payment processing for businesses is only the tip of the iceberg of Stripe. Stripe is unique compared to other solutions because of the plethora of tools it offers businesses.

Here are some of Stripes tools you may find helpful as an event organizer that goes beyond processing payments:

  • Payment Links: Use Payment Links to sell online without a website.
  • Radar: Stripes fraud & chargeback protection. Radar can assign risk scores to every payment and automatically block high-risk payments before they hit your business.
  • Billing: Stripe Billing lets you bill and manage customers (point members) however you want.
  • Invoicing: Invoice your customers (or sponsors) in minutes—no code required

These are a few tools of 19 others they offer beyond payment processing.

How To Setup Stripe

To enable payment processing, first go to the events dashboard. Once there, you’ll see a cog icon (which looks like a wheel) in the top right-hand corner. Click it.

You’ll be forwarded to this page:

On this page, you’ll see a section titled “Stripe Account” (top left). You’ll see a blue button that says “Create or Link a Stripe Account.”. Click it.

You’ll be taken to this page:

This is the first step of the Stripe onboarding process. You can create a Stripe account or connect an existing one. Start by typing in an email.

If you are creating a new Stripe account for the first time, we recommend using an email specifically for your business. We do not recommend using a personal email.

To connect an existing Stripe account, enter the email used for the account. Your existing Stripe account should appear on the screen to select. Select your stripe account and continue with the onboarding steps.

If you are creating a new Stripe account, you’ll be taken to this screen after entering an email:

Select where your business is located and the type of business it is. If you have not filed documentation to register your business with a government agency, select individual as the business type.

If you are doing business as an individual, ensure you have a dedicated business bank account for collecting payments. Do not use a personal bank account for collecting funds. Consult a bank near you.

Once you select the business location and type, continue with the next steps and submit the required information.