Rodeo Results Update 3.1.1

This is another monumental update. For the first time, western sports has a platform that can process entry fee payments directly on and through our mobile app, Rodeo Results. In this article, we will break down the changes in the mobile app for contestants and web software for producers for Rodeo Results payment processing. Read more blow.

When contestants update the Rodeo Results app, they can enter events and pay entry fees natively in the app. No more redirecting to 3rd party websites or outrageous 8% processing fees. Read more blow.

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Mobile App Changes

In this update, the mobile app has very minimal changes. When you enter an event with payment processing enabled, you'll see a payment window at the bottom of the phone screen. You can enter your payment credentials that our partner, Stripe, will safely process. Watch below.

Upon successful payment, Rodeo Results will send a confirmation email with entry fee totals. This concludes the changes to the mobile app. Happy Entering!

Producer Web Software Changes

The producer updates are more extravagant. We put a lot of thought into this update and believe it gives producers the perfect balance of functionality, flexibility, and simplicity.

When you log in to your Rodeo Results Producer account, you'll see a new tab called "Payments." Here is where you can create or link your Stripe account. 

Note: Stripe allows you to collect payments through the mobile app for your events.

When you click on the payments tab, you see a screen with a button that says "Create or Link a Stripe Account." This allows you to create a new Stripe account or connect a preexisting one.

Click this button and follow the directions provided by Stripe. After you've created or linked a stripe account, the payments page will change. You'll see four areas: Stripe Account, Notifications, Default Fees, and Application Fee.

You'll also see a toggle button next to "Collect Payments". In Rodeo Results, you have the ability to enable or disable our payment processing feature. If you don't have to collect payments upfront but still want to offer an online entry form through the mobile app, you can do this. Toggle the button on or off at any time to meet your event's needs.

To see payments, click "Open Stripe Dashboard." This is where you can manage everything about your payments through the Rodeo Results App or your custom-built entry form on the Rodeo Results website. Here you can refund, create new payments, view customers, and more.

The next area you'll see is "Notifications." This toggle button enables or disables notification emails producers get of entries they receive through the mobile app. This is great if you're not processing payments and need a record of what someone owes when they walk up and pay at a race.

Next is Default Fees. These fees are applied to all your entry forms by default. This can be an admin, arena, prize fee, etc., that you charge every time someone enters your event. 

To add a default fee, click "Add Fee." A window will appear where you insert the name and price of the fee, then click "Submit."

You'll then see the fee listed under default fees. It will also be applied to all entry forms created.

The last area is the Application Fee (also known as App Fee). The cost of processing payments through the Rodeo Results mobile app is 3.5% + $1.99 on the total cost per transaction. Producers can handle the App fee in 1 of 3 ways:

1. Absorb it (pay it)
2. Pass it to the rider
3. Up charge it (make money)

When producers absorb the app fee, they pay the 3.5% + $1.99 out of their pocket. If passed, the rider pays for the 3.5% + $1.99.

When a producer chooses up charged, the producer can then customizes the % and the fixed rate charged to the rider.


This concludes the updates for both the mobile app and web software. This is another big step for Rodeo Results. Go Wild!