How Producers Can Fundraise With Rodeo Results.

Fundraise with Rodeo Results“. We’re very proud at Rodeo Results. Specifically, we’re proud of the fundraising feature included in our software.

Everyone who signs up for Rodeo Results has an opportunity to fundraise. This is possible through our mobile app ads.

Producers can fundraise with Rodeo Results by selling mobile ads to potential sponsors or advertisers. In this article, we’ll show you how they work and how you can make money selling them.

What is A “Mobile Ad“?

Our Mobile Ads are digital “cubes” that show up on our mobile app where the live results are. Producers can create these ads within the software. When a producer creates an ad, it displays on the mobile app for everyone to see.

The Mobile ads can link anywhere online. When mobile app users tap these ads, they’re redirected off the app to where the ad is linked.

This is game-changing compared to traditional banner advertising. With our mobile ads, sponsors and advertisers can get more creative and closer to potential prospects by being directly in their pockets (on their personal phones).

Note: No other platform offers this opportunity the way we do.

How To Create A Mobile Ad

Creating mobile ads for your event is easy and included with the software at no extra cost. Watch below to see how it works.

The Game-Changing Benefits

The benefits of mobile ads are quite amazing when you put them to pen and paper. We go into more detail on the benefits here, but for now, here are separate lists of general benefits & opportunities for producers and sponsors/advertisers.

Producer Benefits

  • Easy to manage
  • Easy to sell
  • No implementation cost*
  • Can use for non-sponsor or advertiser purposes
  • Can pay for prizes or added money
  • Can be more creative with sponsorship tiers/options
  • Offer ads to vendors
  • Edit, update or remove ads at any time
  • Club/Youth fundraising
  • Increases perceived value of your event to potential sponsors/advertisers

Sponsor/Advertiser Benefits

  • Save money from making and shipping banners
  • Get creative with special offers
  • Link to a video online
  • Collect prospect contact info
  • Reaches people beyond the physical event
  • More affordable
  • Ads stay on the app forever
  • Ads listed where live results are (where eyes are)
  • Just need digital logo & link
  • Producer manages everything for you


Go Fast Races was the first producer to ever utilize this opportunity. In 2021 at their Thanksgiving Classic race in San Antonio, they raised over $8500 from the mobile ads alone. They expect to double this in 2022.

No other software platform offers this kind of money-making opportunity as we do. The benefits far exceed anything the industry currently offers to both producers and sponsors/advertisers.

This gives every producer, big or small, an opportunity to fundraise with Rodeo Results. If you’re a producer, we invite you to make an account and start making money!