Rodeo Results Update 3.0.5

This update is significant for producers. It contains 3 core updates, Monetization, Automated BBR Accounting, Race Reporting, and other minor updates.


There’s now cost associated when using Rodeo Results. This cost is on a per event or monthly basis. When producers go to create an event in the software, they’ll be prompted to pay for either a one off event or a monthly/annual subscription.

Specifically, $75 if purchasing a single one-off event, or $45 monthly paid annually ($540 all up front, once per year) also unlimited events. After a purchase is made producers will have a new tab called “subscriptions” where they can manage their subscriptions, their payment methods, and view purchase history.

This is a big step for the Rodeo Results platform and will be significant for further development of the platform. If you have a feature request, email with your idea/request.

Automated BBR Accounting

This feature was request by many producers and believe we’ve come up with some that will save producers a LOT of time. There are 2 changes that have made this possible. 1). Now when a riders create a Rodeo Results account, or on their existing account, they can save their BBR number to their profile. 2). There are 2 new columns in the calculated results report: BBR# & Home Town.

It’s important to know that this feature us reliant on riders saving their BBR number to their Rodeo Results account. Now when riders make an account, or on their existing account, there is a BBR# field in their profile section where they can save their BBR #. When a BBR number is saved, it will automatically be displayed for that rider in the calculated results report for each event in which they’re entered.

In other words, all a producer has to do is tell their riders to save their BBR# in their profile on Rodeo Results, and everything else is done for them automatically upon calculating results for their event.


Once results are calculated, you’ll now see a new “Report” button at the top of the results page. With this you’re able to share a public desktop version of the results via email. This is great for reporting to BBR, your team, or other admin purposes.

If the email thats sent is opened on a mobile device, it’ll automatically open the results on the Rodeo Results mobile app. If on a desktop, it’ll open a public web based version of the results.