Why Rodeo Results Is The Best Western Event Software.

It’s unfortunate most producers have subpar or even horrible experiences with event software. There are many reasons for this, but for this article, I’ll show you 5 core reasons producers have peace of mind & confidence using Rodeo Results. You can also watch this video here.

#1). We Have A Mobile App For iOS & Android

Rodeo Results is the first western events platform to offer/combine a mobile app with our software. There’s many benefits to this, a major one being it gives us more digital real estate. This allows us to create a much friendlier digital experience. Many softwares like Rodeo Go, SPG Events, Charlier Horse and Saddlebook have tendencies to cram features and functionalities into one screen or page, leaving users overwhelmed and at times confused.

Where Rodeo Results changes the game is we have separate digital environments between contestants/spectators and producers. Our mobile app gears towards contestants & spectators while our web app focuses on producers. As a result, having more digital real estate allows us to create better digital experiences, ultimately creating a better overall event experience.

Note: A great example is our recently launched entry system on the mobile app.

#2). Phenomenal User Experience

As we alluded to above, our user experience is next level. It’ll raise your standards for software. Our goal when designing new features and functions is to condense them down to at most 3 steps if not less.

As you navigate our software, take this into account and notice how many steps it takes to do certain tasks within Rodeo Results. We’re very proud of how intuitive the software truly is. It’s a staple for Rodeo Results and another non-comparison.

#3). We’re Cloud-Based

We’re going to assume you have no clue what “cloud-based” means. Put simply, cloud-based software is software that’s accessible via the internet. There are no CDs, no downloads, no updates to “install”, and no carrying around a particular laptop or device.

Like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Snapchat, with Rodeo Results all you must do is create an account and log in. We handle the rest for you.

If you’re a user of the Charlie Horse software, this is a huge night and day difference. Instead of downloading and installing new versions of software, at Rodeo Results, we update and maintain everything for you. We make changes and improvements as fast as we can type.

This also allows for superb customer support. All producers are always using the latest version of Rodeo Results. If there’s a problem, odds are we already know about it and are working on a fix or can direct you accordingly. We’re also on call, so sleep peacefully.

#4). We Help Producers Make Sponsorship & Advertisement Money

This may not be at the top of our list, but it’s a key feature that separates Rodeo Results from all other platforms. Producers have the opportunity to sell potential sponsors/advertisers digital ads (or cubes) that appear at the bottom of the mobile app where the live results are. The ads can link and redirect app users to promotions, special offers, etc.

No other platform offers this kind of opportunity. Here’s a list of benefits of using the mobile ads;

  1. Saves sponsors/advertisers money from printing a banner
  2. The ad links to wherever they want online. Webpage, video, etc.
  3. More effective than banners. Sponsors can collect information like phone #’s & emails.
  4. Are placed where live results are on the app (where all the eyes are)
  5. Stay on the app forever.
  6. They reach people beyond the physical event.
  7. More affordable for all parties.
  8. Can track total taps/clicks
  9. Can get more creative.
  10. Sponsors/advertisers can pay for as many ads as they want to show on different activities etc.
  11. You as the producer can generate revenue in a much easier manner
  12. The ads sell themselves. The value is easy to show to the sponsor or advertiser

If you’re a youth organization or club, this is a moneymaker for fundraising. This gives organizations the ability to fundraise like junior & high school fundraisers. One of the first producers to take advantage of this opportunity, Go Fast Races, made over $8500 at their Thanksgiving Classic event in San Antonio from the mobile ads alone.

If you like making money, it’s as easy as showing a potential sponsors/advertisers an example of another currently on the app. This feature can fund prizes or added money if not fundamentally change the size and scale of your overall production.

#5). Built For Producers, By Producers

At Rodeo Results, our north star is to empower producers. Everything we do is based on feedback directly from you, the producers who use our software. We are and will forever be producer centric as we’re producers ourselves. Without producers, western sporting events wouldn’t exist.

There are no politics, strings, or conflicts of interest here. We’re entrepreneurs building a phenomenal product so you can produce how you want. In doing so we’ll take the western sporting industry to heights never seen before. With your support, participation, and feedback we can do it together.


These are just a select few reasons why Rodeo Results is superior and here to stay. We’re here for the long run. We’re here to make changes.

If you’re a producer, we invite you to signup and give it a go. You won’t regret it. Done.

ps. if you’re a contestant you can download the app for iPhone here and Android here