Point Tracking

Our point-tracking feature is integrated with our scoring software. You can create point seasons and point groups, and once created, you can assign riders or horse-and-rider combos. Learn how to set up points tracking here.

Once you’ve created a season and assigned riders to a group, you can assign a season/group to corresponding events/activities you create in our software. When creating an event, you’ll see a field to specify a point season/series. When creating an activity, you’ll see a field to specify a point group.

After calculating activity results, you’ll see a column titled “points” to the far right of the results. Input earned points for riders or combos here. Riders in the assigned point group will be in purple font. After assigning points, publish the activity’s results to aggregate points to the group leaderboard.

The group leaderboard allows you to track points, what events/activities they came from, and share points publicly so riders view and track their points.

NOTE: Our point tracking feature only tracks overall points.

NOTE: Riders/participants must have a Rodeo Results account on the mobile app. You cannot track points for riders/participants without an account on Rodeo Results.

NOTE: Riders then must register their horse(s) on Rodeo Results. You will not be able to track points for horses and rider combinations if the horses(s) are not registered on Rodeo Results.