Rodeo Results Update 3.1.1

This is another monumental update. For the first time, western sports has a platform that can process entry fee payments directly on and through our mobile app, Rodeo Results. In this article, we will break down the changes in the mobile app for contestants and web software for producers for Rodeo Results payment processing. Read … Read more

How Producers Can Fundraise With Rodeo Results.

“Fundraise with Rodeo Results“. We’re very proud at Rodeo Results. Specifically, we’re proud of the fundraising feature included in our software. Everyone who signs up for Rodeo Results has an opportunity to fundraise. This is possible through our mobile app ads. Producers can fundraise with Rodeo Results by selling mobile ads to potential sponsors or … Read more

Why Rodeo Results Is The Best Western Event Software.

It’s unfortunate most producers have subpar or even horrible experiences with event software. There are many reasons for this, but for this article, I’ll show you 5 core reasons producers have peace of mind & confidence using Rodeo Results. You can also watch this video here. #1). We Have A Mobile App For iOS & … Read more

Rodeo Results Application Fee

Updated: 12/28/2022 The Rodeo Results Application Fee (App Fee) is the cost our partnered producers pay for using our payment processing service. When entering through the Rodeo Results mobile app (if offered by the producer), our App Fee costs 3.5% + $1.99 per transaction. When entering through the Rodeo Results website (, our App Fee … Read more

Rodeo Results Update: 3.1.0

This update is a monumental. It introduces the Rodeo Results entry system. The first to reside natively on a mobile application. This includes changes to both the Mobile & Web Apps. Mobile App Changes Registered Rodeo Results mobile app users will now be capable of entering events directly through the app if a producer permits … Read more

Rodeo Results Update 3.0.5

This update is significant for producers. It contains 3 core updates, Monetization, Automated BBR Accounting, Race Reporting, and other minor updates. Monetization There’s now cost associated when using Rodeo Results. This cost is on a per event or monthly basis. When producers go to create an event in the software, they’ll be prompted to pay … Read more